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Liberate the full power of NEIGHBORHOOD-LEVEL citizens into their lawful elective franchise through effective political party action and leading advocacy projects.


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Have you ever received a text or mail notice for party organization in your county? If no, you’re not alone. It is clear that the national and state party focuses on financial pleas instead of attracting leadership at critical times. Upwards of 95% of Republicans in Georgia have never been told how the statutory political party systems works, but nearly 100% of have received GOP solicitations.

WEAK GOP DELEGATES ARE THE TREND IN GEORGIA. In most counties, there is such poor attendance to precinct caucuses that delegates wind up representing an alarmingly high number of voters. Delegates are WEAK because, after convention, they look for local leadership and resources to win elections, and they are nearly non-existent. Organization… fail.

1 delegate per 50 voters is the prescribed ratio for GOP health, according to State GOP Rules. However, during the 2021 Convention, many of these WEAK DELEGATES represented upwards of 1,000 Republican voters, such as in Bulloch County. At precinct caucuses, this county party elected approximately 20 delegates to vote for its county officers, instead of the over 360 delegates it should have used! This is no accident – many GOP executive officers prefer authoritarian leadership and give the party a bad name. 

The problem is usually caused by self-interested or state-controlled county ‘loyalist’ officers. It may indicate an attempt to cover financial irresponsibility in the party or ‘the cause’ of a few wealthy donors who want to maintain their personal power. They need to be replaced with ethical officers. Yes, many are still holding the GOP line!

As a general rule, the more corrupt the party, the longer they wait to release information and the smaller the location for the planned convention events. They delay giving notice to their distribution list and ignore questions. They attempt quiet, unethical plans to make county GOP Bylaw changes and manipulate or limit candidacy avenues. They Exec teams “use” the county committees for votes and deny meeting transparency. For example: Bulloch County GOP, which has a local reputation for denying party election information, is providing people ONE DAY after caucuses to submit candidacy applications and any Bylaw changes. These behaviors are textbook authoritarian and, therefore, against Republican interest. 


MAXIMUM local precinct caucus attendance can correct the crisis of WEAK DELEGACY. Counties with under 80k population should aim for 100-250 precinct attendees, while larger counties need 400-1000+.

GEORGIA COUNTIES NEED TO WORK TOGETHER, EVEN ACROSS COUNTY LINES, TO BRING OUT THE NEARLY 100,000 COUNTY DELEGATES TO REORGANIZE OUR GOP PROPERLY. We can create our energetic, ethical ‘pro training bench’ for local political success.

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! If all God-fearing conservatives who love this country and are alarmed by our spiraling downfall seriously consider running for local party office, we will succeed with our mission to Reclaim Georgia!


Keeping an Eagle eye on the gop

Unfortunately, some current party officers are already working to suppress the party elective franchise by:

NEW::: Directly Subverting Election Law with Authoritarian Political Conduct. <View Minute 20.

Totally Disrespecting the Grassroots through overstepping their county committees and violating Rules and election laws <View Article Here.

Issuing False Guidance on page 1 of The Convention Call to rural, under 80K county GOP units. Two meetings are optimal for proper organization of all counties, yet the State Committee and some Chairmen don’t want their county committees to know this.<View Formal Letter Sent

Engaging a ploy to Change the Definition of Open Nomination to be conditioned upon a list of activities a candidate must complete prior to convention. They want to wield election-suppression procedures BEFORE THEY ARE VOTED ON. And, “slow release” convention information to suppress participation. < View Here

Party Plans to enforce party Rules before they are voted on or assert convention procedures that DIRECTLY CONFLICT with the Rules and The Convention Call.<List Coming Soon. 

The GOP has some cheating history, ya’ll, which is why we must show out! Chatham County GOP Cheating Video from 2021. <Video Here

ALL PRECINCTS NEED MAX TURNOUT. Contact your local GOP for event details, and ask all of your fed-up conservative friends to mark their calendars.


Georgia State Capitol Building in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.



As we’ve seen since the 2020 suppression of the Trump vote, the GA GOP is not focused on winning the election of strong conservatives who represent us. 

In Chatham County and across the state, GOP ‘Trump Victory’ staff hid Trump signs until days prior to the election, while the grassroots brought out the vote.
The suppression situation grew worse under Republican leadership during the 2022 election cycle. For example, state candidates in Bibb, Chatham, and Rockdale Counties were pushed out mid-race because of redistricting line changes that became visible after March qualifiers. And, the party deliberately deprived countless Republican candidates of critical resources, using just a couple of state officer pawns as the gateway. 
Leftist forces within the GOP Data Center suppressed outreach to military-connected and minority voters, labeling many as ‘Democrats.’ This was noted by a GOP U.S. Senate candidate, who did nothing to correct it. Numerous party officer elections were cheated, including, but not limited to Fulton, Chatham, and Newton counties. Of broad note, the Redistricting Congressional District Party Officer Primary Elections Plan adopted by the State GOP Committee to be held on March 26, 2022 was the basis for another suppressed primary election. State Chairman David Shafer issued no press release and did not acknowledge the elections as open to Republicans statewide until just three days prior, under ethical pressure. By that time is was too late to broaden representation.
For example, the 12th District and Bulloch GOP County Chairmen intentionally covered up the redistricting election from interested U.S. Veteran candidates, emailing them that it would be just a ‘district meeting.’ They then proceeded to hold a secret district election by Zoom conference, failing to expand representation to a district with at least 10 new counties. To add to the primary election suppression, Republican citizens contacted Secretary Raffensperger and even GOP Congressmen, who offered no support.
Party failures are impacting the quality of our public office holders, whose decisions directly impact our life, liberty and property. Many so-called Republican officials, are heavily committed to their own private interests, lobby deals, and agreements with the opposing party. They rob our wealth and violate their oath, expecting their key donors to ensure their next elections.
For Example: State Representative-elect Lehman Franklin, of Bulloch/Bryan HD 160, entered office as the Chairman of the Georgia Automobile Dealers’ Association (GADA). This is a state-registered LOBBY GROUP from whom he appears to naturally receive countless third-party and in-kind benefits as lead fiduciary. Governor Kemp oversaw his election after the May primary, likely to ensure the success of the Hyundai Metaplant in Franklin’s district, along with the controversial high-dollar state purchase of certain land to ‘lease’ to corporations for redevelopment.
Furthermore, many of these politicians maintain the power of the ‘uniparty’ through unconstitutional means.
These and countless other stories have been covered by The Georgia Record, whose publisher is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy from Savannah, GA.

We are gathering documents that address the widespread corruption on GA electoral politics. If you feel like you can contribute to this effort, please register in order to upload your files.