Our journey is inspired by our recent personal endeavors into the damaging political depths of what we view as a constitutionally rogue State of Georgia. Whereas we previously thought Republicans shared a commitment to conservative values, we have discovered this to be false. The left has coalesced with the right to create a power-sick, money-hungry ‘uniparty’ resembling totalitarian surges throughout world history. And, we know nations which forfeit its conservative party to politically corrupt leftists, who cheat, lie, and misrepresent the law, tend to quickly fall.

Many of our Georgia political party and public officers are trampling our rights on a constant basis. Deferring to self-protecting attorneys and refusing to study the law themselves, they demean the people and then pompously take actions that violate their covenant trust with us. Most officials handle our urgent first amendment petitions as blind and treat us as beggars, always welcoming the next round of public comments that they will promptly disregard. They steal from us and injure us by wielding additional power that we have not given them. The one-party system is near and next.

However, our Founders have given us tools to reverse this course by properly filling our party and using every available aspect of the judicial system to protect ourselves. Our recent vote to amend the GA Constitution to remove legal immunity from public officials supports all of our community stakeholder efforts. It is time to use ALL legal means.

As women in Christ’s service, we will defend Liberty for our children and grandchildren. We URGE YOU TO IMMEDIATELY ENGAGE THE UPCOMING GOP CONVENTION PROCESS, not as fair weather patriots wanting to hide from being seen, but as one humbly willing to give of yourself to our country’s defense. This critical mission is not for spectators, and we encourage you to bring along every family member over the age of 18 who is registered to vote. 

Every good conservative must prepare to represent his or her like-minded neighbors and seek election at precinct caucuses starting on Feb 11!



Veteran military officer, wife of a career naval officer, home educator, poll watcher and worker, consultant, journalist, Patriot Academy Constitution Coach, mother of four, a website and media features describing Sarah’s first-hand GOP election fraud experience in Chatham County, Georgia.


Entrepreneur, elected Chairman of the Fulton County GOP by the original, credentialed county delegation of 2021, Precinct Chairwoman, poll watcher, patriot advocate, mother of four and grandmother of eight, Fox News feature of Susan’s journey through GOP election fraud in Fulton County, Georgia